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Description vs. Definition Empty Description vs. Definition

Mon Jan 11, 2021 10:57 am
There is a difference between a description and a definition.

A description provides an intuitive understanding of the manipulation funnel and how it should be used.
A definition, on the other side, precisely states the functioning of the manipulation funnel.

Screwdriver example:
Description: A screwdriver is a tool for turning screws.
Definition: E.g., some CAD model.

From the description, the definition does not directly follow. And from the definition, the description is not immediately apparent.
So if I would want to give an alien civilization the screwdriver technology, I would probably provide both, definition and description - i.e., the CAD model and a description of what it does.

One could argue that a 'description' leans more towards an 'explanation' (list of reasons and arguments) direction.
In this sense, maybe one should provide the CAD model and an explanation?
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